About Ron

Ron was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area
(Concord) and currently lives in
Tampa, FL. Ron has had
the opportunity of living
 in many different areas of The
United States including: 

  • San Diego, Ca. 
  • San Antonio, Tx. 
  • Augusta, Ga. 
  • Washington, DC. 
  • Sunnyvale, CA.
  • Fort Myers, FL
He has also been able to visit 32 states and has
traveled to seven(7) different countries.  This extensive travel
has given Ron a unique perspective on life in different areas
of our amazing planet.

In 1992, Ron had a life changing event that brought him
to the beginning of his path as a metaphysical reader and
healer.  In 2002, Ron joined the Spiritual Mystery School, and was initiated
into the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light and has been
elevated to "Elder" in The 12th Ray Mystery School.

In 2004, Ron was attuned to Reiki Master by Paula Phipps.
This amazing Japanese healing modality compliments the
many healing modalites that he learned in The Spiritual
Mystery School®.   In 2010, Ron complimented his training
by attending Doreen Virtue's® Angel Therapy Practitioner® 
Training Course.  As a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Ron has been trained
how to channel the various Archangels in a reading/healing to
devine guidence and healing to his clients.

In 2011 Ron became an Ordained Minister and in 2012 was awarded 
his Doctorate Degree in Divinity Studies.  Ron brings this high level of 
Spritual growth and inspiration to his life.   


Ron is a lover of dogs especially Beagles.  He has been
blessed by a wonderful boy named Beau.  Beau is 16 years
old and has been with Ron the entire time.  Ron also has a
rescue cat named Amber. He saved this amazing cat right before
they were going to put her asleep.  Ron's deep appreciate of
mother nature and his dedication to them is a testamony to his
ability to love all.

archangel Metetron

Archangel Metatron (Enoch) along with his twin brother Archangel Sandelphon
(Prophet Elijah) were the only Angels who were once human.  Archangel
Metatron was known as Enoch and was the seventh Patriarch after Adam.
It is written that he "Walked with God" and was taken up into heaven where
he was made an Archangel. There is speculation in Jewish scripture that he is the

"Shekinah", the angel who led the children of Isreal out of the wilderness.  
It is thought that it was Archangel Metatron who stopped Abraham
from sacraficing his son Isaac to God.

Archangel Metatron is charged with sustaining human life and acts as
the bridge between the Divine and Mankind. We can seek councel from
him by asking him to help us find the proper measure for every action
we take in our lives. At one level this means helping us find the balance
between what we give out and what we keep for ourselves.  This enables
us to maintain well-defined bounderies and thus keep a clear sense of self,
so necessary, if we are to succeed in fulfilling our potential within the
world of form.

Archangel Metatron is also known as the "Chancellor of Heaven" The Angel
of the Covenant, Angel of Devine destiny and the "Voice of God."  His
heavenly funtion is to supervise the recording
of all our deeds in the
Book of Life. 


Angelic Whiperers Inc is now open in Tampa Florida for Readings, Healing and Metaphysical Classes.  We are located in beautiful South Tampa.  We look forward to serving you and your metaphysical needs.  Call us at 813-370-6044 to make your appointment

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