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Archangel Rapael

Archangel Raphael: His name means "Devine Healer"
or "God Heals".  Any healing starts from him and being
a messenger of Devine Providence, it is him who guides
those who seek unity.  He gives essential and complete
healing of any kind of evil/negativity.  In other words, he
is the return to The Devine Source.  Archangel Raphael
intervenes to save our body, mind and Spirit.  He soothes
your suffering, he leads us to authentic therapists, who can
do something for us.  When we truly assume our own
healing, he enourages the potential healer within ourselves,
who knows intuitively what is best for our own health and vitality.

In our search full of hope and desire for healing, we come
close to Archangel Rapael's bright wings where we have access
to The Devine.  Archangel Raphael will consistantly aim to
lead us to greater unity and harmony,  It is enough to ask
him with all our heart to lead us to the only real doctor, GOD.
Archangel Raphael is quoted as being the protector of the
evening winds, the guardian of The Tree of Life from the
Garden of Eden, Angel of Repentence, Prayer, Love, Joy
and Light.  But mostly he is the Archangel of healing,
science, knowledge and grace.  He watches over all
humanity with compassion and love.



Angelic Whiperers Inc is now open in Tampa Florida for Readings, Healing and Metaphysical Classes.  We are located in beautiful South Tampa.  We look forward to serving you and your metaphysical needs.  Call us at 813-370-6044 to make your appointment

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