Angel Oracle Readings:   
This reading is extremely detailed and helps you
to understand the highly intricate role the Angels
play in your life.  In a typical Terot Reading the practioner
will say the "Universe" is telling me.  I will tell you exactly
who is speaking to me and the role they have in your life.

$75.00 for 1 Hour Session         
$40.00 for 1/2 Hour Session

Turning The Wheel:  
Walking the path of your highest potential & greatest evolution.
We are always at the center of mutiple paths-a crossroads

or nexus in our life.  Turning the Wheel is an ancient shamanic
healing modality that shifts the actual path to your greatest
good and highest potential.

$75.00 per session

DNA Activation Treatment:
This healing modality is practiced throughout the world.
Currently all humans run on two (2) strands of DNA.  We have
24 strands of DNA in our bodies.  This modality will activate
22 of the 24 strands.

$75.00 for Activation Session  

AK Activation Treatment (Adam Kadmon) 
The AK Ativation is the final two (2) Strands of DNA to activate.
This is done in a special ceremony along with the activation.
To be the complete human in the physical is the final result of
the activations 

$100.00 for Activation Session

Reiki Healing Session (Eastern and Western Taditions)
A healing session of Reki is the channeling of the life force energy
into each chakra. To open the chakras and release any blockages
and make needed repairs. To have a Reiki session is to feel great
relaxation, yet, is very exhilarating.

$60.00 per Hour Session
$30.00 per 1/2 Hour Session

Body, Spirit & Soul Connection Modality: 
This healing modality will link the physical body and the spiritual bodies.
Individuals with connections
 to other realms or orgins will finally feel
like they
 "belong here."  This modality brings a sensation of permanent
grounding to
 this Earth.

$75.00 per session, includes a mini Angel Reading

Broken Heart Healing Modality:
To attract a divine flame, one must be clear of previous attachments
emotionally and energetically.  This healing session will repair or
replace the energy devices that support the human ability to love
and establish a spiritual-physical relationship with a partner.  

$100.00 per Session, includes mini Angel Reading

5th Dimensional Healing Modality:
Activates the spritiual level of the 5th dimensional.
Brings you better health, vibrational awareness and bringing
greater connection with Angelic and Galactic forces.  

$100.00 per Session, includes mini Angel Reading

Galactic Ray Healing Modality:
This healing modality is for our Galactic friends who
are here on this plant.  I channel through a portal the 
ray from your home world or universe.  This brings healing
and understanding of your mission here on Earth

$100.00 per Session, includes mini Angel Reading

Spell Removal Healing Modality:
This special modality helps those who feel
someone has placed a curse or spell on them.
This modality removes the spell and sends it
back to the originator.  

$100.00 Per Session

Energetic Cord Cuttings:
Have you ever left someone and felt completely drained
of energy?  This healing modality cuts all negative cords
other people have attached in your
 aura.   I will sever them
and bring your energy back where it belongs, with you.

$75.00 for treatment

Trans Trauma Treatment
Are you troubled by anxiety or phobias?  This modality heals past life
traumas stored in your aura.  It identifies the trauma and then remove

them from your aura. This treatment helps you live a less fearful life. 

$100.00 for Treatment

Karmic Matrix Removal:
The purpose of this healing modality is to assist a person
in releasing the personal tendancy to be overly responsible

for the collective family programming.  This process removes
the programming (karmic) strands that are wound around
the spinal column.

$50.00 for session

Angel Reading Parties in Your Home or Office:
Are you having a birthday, dinner or corporate function
that you would like to
 heighten and lighten up the entertainment?
Fun and friendly readings for all your guests.

$150.00 per hour plus travel expenses

Weddings & Commitment Ceremonies:
As an Ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church and 
a Florida State Notary.  I will perform your ceremony in all settings
(except sky diving. I will not leave a perfectly functioning airplane.)
All ceremonies weddings, commitments, baptisms and funerals are 
custom tailored to your specifications.

$300.00 plus travel expenses

The information contained on this web site and services performed by Ron are for
general information purposes only.  Ron does not give medical advise or engage
in the practice of medicine.  Ron will under no circumstances recommend any
particular treatment for specific individuals and in all cases recommends that you
consult with a Licensed Physician, Therapist or Treatment Center before pursuing
any course of treatment.

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is the messenger of the "Word of God."  His name means
"God is my Strength."  He announces the mystery of incarnation to all souls
before they are born and he instructs us all as to what our talents and tasks
in this world will be.  Archangel Gabriel helps us find the wisdom in our
physical bodies and to know our personal truths.  He respects the absolute
individuality of each person.  He can assist us in living our truths faithfully,
honoring our talents and gifts.  He can help us find courage from the
deep knowledge within ourselves which respects our God given abilities.  
Archangel Gabiel can also help us succeed in developing our individual gifts
and fully expressing ourselves.

All religions honor Archangel Gabriel as the most powerful "Messenger of
God".  He never tires of delivering the word of God to those who will listen
and honor the Source within themselves.  He is known as the Chief
Ambassador to Humanity, The Angel of Revelation, the bringer of good
news, judgement and mercy.  He is the Archangel of Joy, and the
Spirit of Truth.


Angelic Whiperers Inc is now open in Tampa Florida for Readings, Healing and Metaphysical Classes.  We are located in beautiful South Tampa.  We look forward to serving you and your metaphysical needs.  Call us at 813-370-6044 to make your appointment

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