Archangel Michael Clearing

Archangel Michael Clearing

I invoke Archangel Michael with the fith
Dimensional tube of light.  Michael, please
place this tube of like around me in this 
lifetime an in all lifetimes, all planatery
systems adn all solar systems, all alternate
realities and all parallel realities, all alternate
universes and parallel universes, as well as
all source systems, in this time and in all

Michael use your sword of light to clear me
of all foriegn energies, all thought forms,
and beings, and when I am clear, escort
there energies into the tube of light and
return them to the fifth dimension to be
transmuted into another form of light.

Close up my aura to the influences of all
beings, except that of my higher self, my
guides and guardians, the hierarchy of light,
and the God consciousness.

So be it and so it is.


Archangel Michael: Is the closest to God, his very name
means "Like Unto God" 
As the Eldest Archangel, he is given captaincy
of all of God's natural phenomenna, including rain, wind, fire, snow, thunder,
lightning and hail.  Michael is believed by many to have appeared to Moses
as the fire in the burning bush and to have led Daniel from the lions' den.

As the Archangel of battle and defender of Heaven, Michael is said to be
the patronsaint of police or law enforcement.  Additionally, because it is
said in the book of revelationsthat Michael will lead God's troops against
the dragon and his followers in the final battle, many people seek
the aid of Michael against wrong-doers on Earth and all people in need 
of protection may petition Michael for his help.



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